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    Kathy Thompson
    HVR3 differences vs Coding Region Differences
    Question posted September 17, 2013 by Kathy ThompsonLevel 1, tagged AncestryDNA, DNA, DNA Results, mtDNA 
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    HVR3 differences vs Coding Region Differences
    Wanting to know if HVR3 and Coding Region are the same or not

    I got my DNA tested by another company due to Ancestry not posting to my country, but I want to include my DNA on my own profile. The other company has provided me with HVR1, HVR2 and Coding Region Differences on my mtDNA test.

    Would those Coding Region Differences be the HVR3 differences that Ancestry asks for?


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    • Jeff Zupan

      The short answer is "No".  The long answer gets a bit more complicated because the various labs use slightly different locations to define the regions. Ancestry considers HVR3 separate, but Family Tree DNA includes those locations in their HVR2.

      The Coding Region is the part of the mtDNA that contains genes and is different than the HVR regions. Ancestry does not offer the ability to transfer Coding Region results.