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    Sharon Felker
    Sync without media
    Question posted May 17, 2013 by Sharon FelkerLevel 1, tagged Media, Sync/Syncing 
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    Sync without media
    Upload tree WITHOUT linking media

    I regularly have sync issues with my trees. If I re-upload a FTM12 tree to Ancestry and check the box so that media does not link to Ancestry tree, what happens when I sync? Will media automatically be uploaded or can I keep my FTM12 tree with media and snyc to Ancestry tree WITHOUT media?



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    • MerrillM

      Hi Sharon,

      In order for Media to not Sync from Family Tree Maker 2012 to Ancestry, you will need to privatize the media items. You can learn how to do this by clicking here.

      Hope this helps!


      Community Moderator