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    Tino Rozzo
    DNA Results
    Question posted October 6, 2013 by Tino RozzoLevel 1, tagged AncestryDNA 
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    DNA Results

    My DNA results show no Greek ancestry yet my Grandmother in Naples, and Cousins in Calabria Italy are Greek. Why do the results not show Greek lineage?

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    • Jeff Zupan

      It depends. There could be a number of different explanations, but we need a little more information before we can pick which one.

      What ethnicities did Ancestry say you have?

      How far back do you have your ancestors traced on paper?


    • Tino Rozzo

      Greek, Sardinian, UK. My family says we have tons of Sardinians on my fathers side. Paternal Grandmother part Greek. Calabrese are Part Greek, my maternal cousin's name is Peleologo.

      • Jeff Zupan

        Ummm, I'm confused.  I can't find any mention of "Sardinian" on Ancestry's ethnicity map.  Your results should give you a percentage of, most likely,  Southern European and Eastern European (plus the British Isles). 

        Are you just comparing to grandmother and cousins?  The DNA test won't tell you anything that recently.  The test examines lineages over hundreds of years, maybe as many as a thousand.  You need to have at least 10 or 12 generations documented (not just oral history) before you can get a really useful comparison between your tree and your DNA.  

        Just like northern European ethnicities (German, French, Scandinavian) are extremely difficult to separate genetically, so are the central Mediterranean groups like Italian and Greek.


    • Tino Rozzo

      I see. Thanks

    • Tino Rozzo

      Knowing my relative, we have traced a family tree some what. No mention of British Isles. On DNA test said Brussles and the UK.  On the other hand, My Fathers side is Spanish Italian and Greek. With heavy Sardinian generations. Why no mention? Yes we know for many many generations with Documentation where we are from.

    • Jeff Zupan

      Let's try this again. What, exactly, were your AncestryDNA results (listed next to the pie chart)?  Mine are Eastern European 45%, Scandinavian 27%, British Isles 28%.  Please notice, the predictions are only for wide-spread regions, NOT individual countries.  

      UK would be included in the British Isles region, Brussels in Central Europe, Italy, Spain and Sardinia in Southern Europe and Greece in Eastern Europe. Again,  the predictions are for regions, not countries.



    • Tino Rozzo

      Southern European 51%

      Middle East 29%

      Persian Turkish 15%


      In another DNA test from another company it cam up UK and Brussles. Unknown percents.

    • Jeff Zupan

      AHA!  Southern Europe 51% - pretty much exactly what you should expect, Spain, Sardinia, Italy.

      The other two are not as obvious, but still understandable.  In the 14th and 15th centuries, the Ottoman Turks totally overran the Balkans. A lot of Greeks, Albanians and Serbians have an appreciable amount of Turkish blood.  And the Ottoman Turks were Muslim, having been populated from the Middle East a few hundred years earlier.  

      DNA ethnicity is not necessarily about the last 200-300 years, but more likely than not the last 500-1000 years.  And the predictions are based on statistics and mathematical probabilities, so it all fits together.  From your description of your family lines, I would totally accept your DNA test results.

      What other company said UK and Brussels??????  NO reputable lab would predict a CITY!  And UK makes no sense whatsoever.

      You will get more confused in a month or so when the Version 2 predictions come out.  Your predictions will change noticeably because of some changes Ancestry is making to the regional groupings.



    • Erich Snoke

      On paper, my ancestors came from Germany, Switzerland and France on my father's side, and Great Britain and France of my mother's side.  But my DNA indicates primarily Western Europe, with some Irish, Scandinavian, Italy/Greece, Iberian Peninsula, Eastern Europe,  and Caucasus.  It will not state anything specific, such as Swiss.  But Western Europe also includes The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, and Lichtenstein .

    • Jeff Zupan

      Allow me to quote from the information supplied with Version 2 of the ethnicity estimates:

      "Here are some reasons why you might have MORE or LESS of a region than you thought likely:

      It could be due to the genetic influence of neighboring regions

      It could be that the estimate is on the edges of our predicted range

      It could be due to the random nature of genetic inheritance

      It could be due to the fact that ethnicity estimation is still an open problem"

      Each of these answers comes with an explanation and examples.  It's too long of a document to post here.  But be patient, you'll get the new version "soon" (but not soon enough for most people).

      Also, the results DO NOT predict a country, only a region.  It's going to take a long time before the procedure is that refined.

    • Tino Rozzo

      In many ways it makes these DNA tests a waste of money because they are telling you what you already know on one hand, and not enoughj good accurate information on the other.

      • Jeff Zupan

        Well, you could look at it that way.  But you could look at it as verification (at least partially) of your other data.

        Plus you have gained knowledge of how this works, and gaining knowledge, even if it's not immediately useful, is always a good thing.


    • Erich Snoke

      I'm sorry to hear you are disappointed by your DNA results.  I provided my generic results earlier, not as detailed as Jeff.  My original results were British Isles 94% and Uncertain 6%, although I had traced my ancestry to England, France, Germany and Switzerland.  Very disappointing.  So the 6% was France, Germany and England?  I figured I should be 50% German, as my father was 6th Generation German.  My updated results are: Europe West 45%; Ireland 33%; Scandinavian 7%; Iberian 6%; Great Britain 4%; Italy/Greece 3%; Europe East <1%; and Caucasus <1%.  It all adds up to less than 100%. Europe West 'slops over' into England, just as England 'slops over' into Western Europe.

       I'm still missing some of my ethnic background, but it beats 94% British Isles and 6% Uncertain.

      I have yet to find any body from Spain/Portugal, Italy/Greece, Eastern Europe or the Caucasus.  And I've gone back at least 600 years on most of my branches.  But the results are more in line with what I have documented.

      Now your looking for an ethnicity that specifically identifies Sardinia.  The following 'countries'/people settled Sardinia: The Phoenicians; Italy; Spain; Greece; Turkey; The Jews; Africa; and Corsica (which was previously invaded by the Vandals, Ostrogoths (Southern France), Byzantines, Lombards, and Saracens, and the Holy Roman Empire under Charlemagne).  The Italians probably came from the Lombardy region, Northern Italy, which also has ethnic influence from Northern Europe.  They have found human remains dating back 150,000 years (no mention of origin).

      I agree with Jeff, the results seem to support your ethnic background.  But the several peoples/countries mentioned above, make up the 'ethnic' group of people from Sardinia.

    • Terry Turner

      Erich I noticed you mention you had updated DNA results that took you from 94% British Isles and 6% uncertain to a more granular breakdown.  Like you, I have traced my family roots for many, many generations to England, France, Germany, Italy and Switzerland as well but my results show 98% British Isles and 2% uncertain.  How did you get "Updated" DNA results?  Is this something revisits from time to time and updates as more data becomes available?

    • Erich Snoke



      Ancestry is in the process of updating everybody's results.  They did a small sample (I understand about 6000) and looked for feedback.  The previous results, as I indicated, made me feel rather vanilla (94%) with sprinkles (6%).  I don't know why I was one of the lucky ones, especially when I've seen others whose results were 100% Uncertain.


      The previous test looked at 30,000 DNA links (or whatever they are called).  This new tests looks at 300,000.


      And yes, ancestry has stated they will revisit the test from time-to-time and update the results.  I also understand they hope to have this done in the next 3 months, but I've see no official announcement.


      If a moderator sees this, please have Ancestry provide an update.


    • Tino Rozzo

      Really, i have only gained a drop of knowledge. Wasting money is never a good thing. I had a more detailed DNA result from another company, not that I have the money to spend.  Even so it dosen;t seem worth it. I would not recommend this for anyone.