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    Mark Provance
    Pennsylvania Vital Records, 1750-1890
    Question posted October 22, 2013 by Mark ProvanceLevel 1, tagged Email Error, Research Help, Search and Records 
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    Pennsylvania Vital Records, 1750-1890
    No valid email to contact database manager

    The email for this database is apparently not valid. Does anyone know how to contact Cynthia Herrin to pose a question?

    About Fayette County, Pennsylvania Vital Records, 1750-1890

    Straddling the Monongahela River in southwestern Pennsylvania, Fayette County was created in 1783 from neighboring Westmoreland County. This database is a collection of birth, marriage, and death records from the county prior to 1890. Each record reveals a wealth of information including the resident's name, birth date, parents' names, marriage date, name of spouse, children's names, and death date. It contains nearly 9200 records and the names of about 25,000 persons. For researchers seeking ancestors from nineteenth century Pennsylvania, this can be a helpful source of information.

    For inquiries regarding a specific entry in this database, the provider, Cynthia Herrin, can be contacted by sending e-mail to




    • Hannah L

      Hello Mark,

      Where did this record come from? Can you provide a link for us to get to it?

      Thank you,

      Hannah L

      Community Moderator

      • Cindy Rose

        I also would like to find this information. Were you able to locate Cynthia Herrin?

      • David Thomson

        That is the description of the "Fayette County, Pennsylvania Vital Records, 1750-189"0 database in the card catalog on Ancestry. Weird that Ancestry put someone's name there for a contact.

        I then googled Cynthia Herron and found this interesting thread from 2011 on the Ancestry message boards calling into question the accuracy of her data. Google also found email message board archives from as early as 2001 referencing people trying to contact her at that email address.

        Apparently her book and subsequent CD and Ancestry DB have been a source of controversy for at least 15 years.

    • Robin

      I'm surprised still have any collections from Cynthia Herrin. Also see this topic for more info on why anything from her is unreliable. Really, anything from her should be removed.