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    Wilbur Watson
    ALL Mormons will be given FREE ancestry accounts
    Question posted April 10, 2014 by Wilbur WatsonLevel 1, tagged Sharing 
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    ALL Mormons will be given FREE ancestry accounts
    Mormons will get free and full ancestry memberships

    Mormons will get free and full ancestry memberships, their church, the LDS/Latter Day Saints fixed it for them, will yall be having to pay for that in increased subscription fees. ?

    Maybe it's a way of increasing LDS membership, maybe a free Ford next. ?

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    • Jeff Zupan

      I think it's in exchange for all those "new" international records Ancestry is getting from FamilySearch. 


    • Donna Van Benschoten

      It is also a slap in the face to those of us who have helped index those records. I, for one, will not help index any more.

      • Wilbur Watson

        guess they didnt even offer you a membership discount in return for your work that's a pretty good business plan though

    • Barbara Needham

       Usually when members of a group get "free" access to something it means that the group as a whole has paid or contributed to the something. The money would therefore be coming from the LDS as a whole rather than individual members.

      • Wilbur Watson

        Seen the cheque. ?

        That's a lotttt of dough, the article says free to LDS members, but it doesn't say if that was because the LDS church paid the genealogy companies for those memberships on behalf of the members of the church, or if the genealogy companies gave the memberships to the church members for free.

        So was it free as in no payment was involved from or to anyone, or was it free as in somebody got something for free because somebody else paid for it on their behalf, and if the LDS church did pay for it, did they pay in cash, or did they pay for it by giving the genealogy companies access to some of their records, and if records were part of the deal did the LDS church also receive some cash as well. ?

      • Bill H

        I have nothing against the LDS church, but for Ancestry to agree to something like this, even for payment, is ludicrous in sight of how poorly the web site performs under current loads. I hope that whatever funds Ancestry received will go immediately into improving the site.

        Above all I hope not to see an increase in our regular subscription rates.



      • AB_Gerard

        This doesn't bother me. I understand why and other websites might do it. I wonder what the logistics are, though. Will they receive a coupon code? Is there an LDS membership verification first?

      • Barbara Needham

         Read this thread on the message boards, explains it better.


        At present it is in the last 3 posts.

        • Wilbur Watson

          Nope, 2 of those three messages are applause for the LDS  only the one from frostfreedet at 5:33pm is about  the deal and he seems to be saying that the LDS used to just give their records to the genealogy companies for free and that the LDS has asked for a little quid pro quo in the form of free memberships to the commercial genealogy sites for it's members

          So ancestry used to get the LDS record collections for free and then  they sold access to them and the LDS never used to ask for a cut ?

          Any proof of that ? frostfreedet didnt offer any

      • Jeff Zupan

        I'm going to post a few links then be done with this.

        5 Sep 2013 press release also posted as an Ancestry blog entry with 50+ mixed comments.

        21 Jan 2014 press release

        26 Feb 2014 FamilySearch blog with 60+ mixed comments.

        As you can see, this confabulation has been going on for some time.  I cannot imagine Ancestry getting all this data for nothing. As I said above, this free Mormon access is probably the pay-back for the data.

        As you can also see from the comments on the blogs, neither organization is doing a very good job of communicating with their members.

        As Porky Pig says, "Th-th-th-th-that's all, folks!"




        • Sherry Winters

          Love the Porky Pig sign off Jeff..  That, and your awesome "confabulation" explanation  ~  Had to look that word up! surprise  LOL!  Confabulous info!  yes

          • Jeff Zupan

            To be perfectly honest, I didn't know it really IS a word!  And it doesn't have the meaning I intended. I just wanted to convey "a whole bunch of stuff thrown together" or something like it, and "confabulation" just sounded right.