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    David Clarke
    Stop partner being shown as married
    Question posted September 30, 2013 by David ClarkeLevel 1 
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    Stop partner being shown as married

    My daughter has an ex-partner who is the father of her son.

    I added him as a spouse and then in the details panel changed him to partner with a status of 'seperated'.

    The problem is that the facts now show a marriage when there was never a marriage and he shows up as my son in law which he never was.

    How do I alter this??


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    • Brenda Stone

      David, I have wondered this, as well.  I don't think that you can.  This is a scenario that Ancestry needs to have a look at or I, too, need to be educated on.

    • Jeff Zupan

      As the years go by, this "partner" situation is only going to get more and more common (and confusing from a genealogy standpoint).  Ancestry needs to move into the 21st century in this matter.  Send your suggestions to them via this feedback form.

    • David Clarke

      ok guys, thanks... feedback sent smiley

    • Cheryl Dynan

      On your tree view the "ex partner"should show with a broken line rather then a solid line.

    • Bill H

      I don't understand the Marriage fact being there unless a Marriage record was merged or was manually created. I've never known a Marriage Fact to be created merely by adding a spouse.  I'm going to go play with the Divorce or Separated relationships to see if they do something like that. (No, a Separation doesn't create a Marriage fact.)  The good news is that a Marriage fact can be easily removed.

      In my own trees I have created Custom Facts to denote a partnership but it does not say Marriage. 

      I believe in many reports there is an assumption made and the word "Spouse"  or "Husband/Wife" is used. That needs to be addressed by most genealogy software.


    • David Clarke


      Thanks for taking a look Bill.  Here's a couple of screenshots to show what I mean.



      ftree1.jpg (561KB)
    • Jeff Zupan


      Just an observation.  I think everyone responding to this thread thought you were talking about, but your screenshots are of Family Tree Maker.  Although they are related and sync to the same database, they are totally different systems and the various functions don't always behave similarly. An answer to a problem on one side may not necessarily be the right answer on the other side.  

      Regardless, on both most of the displayed  "headings" or "titles" are hard-coded into the program itself.  Since these programs are basically just  front-ends to a database, it shouldn't really be all that hard to change a constant to a variable and add a checkbox to select one or another option without affecting the underlying functionality.

      My semi-worthless two cents worth.






    • David Clarke

      Apologies Jeff, I should have made it clear.

      I am using Family Tree Maker 2012 smiley

    • Luke R


      Another suggestion I have for this situation would be to try to detach him from yourself using the steps in this article. The steps indicate how to detach the individual from the tree entirely, so once that is done you will need to go back to him and re-attach your daughter. If that doesn't resolve it then please submit your feedback as Jeff suggested so we can look into this.


      Luke R.
      Community Moderator

    • Leslie Robinson

      It would be helpful if various types of relationships were shown by different colored lines or dotted lines or something like that, as in most pedigrees.  In my (relatively) smallish family trees I have 2 examples of informal relationships leading to children.  It is very difficult to have this come out on the chart correctly, but for any future genetic usage, imperative.

    • DaveA

      If one is to upgrade to FTM 2014, then this is no longer an issue.
      Yes, in the Right pane, one will see that the term "Spouse" is still be used, but is NOT part of the report.

    • David Clarke

      Thanks Luke, I'll try that

    • David Clarke

      Tried it.. no good.. still showing as married and as son-in-law

    • David Clarke

      I have now upgraded to FTM2014 but this has not resolved the issue... complete waste of money