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    Charles Bowen
    Too buy or not too buy
    Question posted October 1, 2013 by Charles BowenLevel 1  , tagged Family Tree Maker
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    Too buy or not too buy
    Family Tree Maker 2014

    I have been looking at getting FTM 2014, but after seeing all the post bout FTM 2014 not working with sync, I was wondering if it would be worthwhile to wait and see if the sync problems are still happening.  I had sync problems under FTM 2012 and I don't want to go through that again.  I am also getting ready to go to windows 8, so hopefully those of you who have 8, FTM 2014 is working fine.



    • Bill

      I would wait even though I am one of the fortunate ones to have had only one minor problem... backing up to an external hard drive... and I need to try it again.

      I have made about a half dozen Syncs, all successful with no errors.  One of them was large with 300 new people in my tree.  The caveat is that I rarely do maintenance/updating in FTM, so most of my Syncing is 1-way.  I did do a few in FTM just as a test.  I use FTM as a safe repository and reporting.


    • Dennis Kenny

      Don't buy wait!! I have had nothing but problems with the sync. using Win 7 and IE

    • Michael Allison

      Do not buy at this time.  I'm having sync problems as well.  I've gone back to FTM 2012 as a result of the problems.  I do not update anything in FTM, only online, and yet every time I went to do a sync, it would indicate that something in FTM 2014 had changed, but this is absolutely not the case.  I've tried using FTM 2014 on 2 machines - 1 running Windows 7 Pro and 1 running Windows 8

    • Charles Bowen

      Thanks to all who answer so far.  I will hold off getting FTM 2014 till I see or hear from the forum.

    • Hannah L

      Hello all,

      Just to let you all know there is a patch coming out here in the near future. Click here for further information on this. 

      Thank you,

      Hannah L

      Community Moderator

      • Brenda Stone

        Hannah, What I would love to know is:  What is causing the problem?  We've all taken a shot at our own troubleshooting...we'd love an answer to the mystery!!cheeky

        • Hannah L

          Sorry Brenda,

          Unfortunately, I do not have that information. I'm sure there is just some strange coding information in the software.

          Thank you,

          Hannah L

          Community Moderator

    • Brenda Stone

      If you are impatient to get started, you could purchase 2012 and then go for the upgrade after you read about how happy everyone is with the patch. smiley.

      I found FTM 2012 to be a great program with most of the 2014 features.

      FTM 2012 seems to still be available....