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    Jeffrey Castel De Oro
    DNA Kit for Relative
    Question posted September 23, 2014 by Jeffrey Castel De OroLevel 1, tagged AncestryDNA, DNA Results 
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    DNA Kit for Relative
    What are the steps to adding the results of a DNA test of a relative to my own tree?

    I've ordered a DNA kit for a relative of mine who is not a member of Ancestry, but I'm still a bit unclear as to how I will eventually add the results to my own tree.  It's my understanding that I'll need to create an account at Ancestry for this relative, in order to connect the results to that account.  Then once the results come through, how would I go about incorporating that into my own tree?

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    • Liz Crane

      Does your relative want to be on Ancestry, develop a tree, etc or did you get them to take the test because you're interested in their results for the purposes of your research?  If it's all (or primarily) your interest not theirs, they don't need an account.  You can just activate the test in your account, attach their results to their profile in your tree, etc.  (I had both my parents do the test this way--so now I have 3 different DNA tests in my account, mine plus both of theirs)

      If on the other hand this relative is interested in doing a family tree & using their own results, then they can create an account & activate the test through their account, attach it to themselves in their own tree, etc.

      Either way you do it, there is a new feature that allows you to share DNA results with someone else.  So if you do everything in your account, you could share their results with them (they would have to create a free registered guest account for this, but then they don't have to worry about creating a tree, contacting matches, etc).  Or if they want to manage their own test then they could share the results with you so you can see their matches.

      Since the usefulness of the matches will be greater (for both you & your matches) if the results are attached to a more complete tree, if they don't plan to do much research I would advise you activating the test in your account, then share the results with them rather than the other way around.

    • Jeffrey Castel De Oro

      This relative has no interest in actually being on yes, I'm interested in the results for purposes of my own research.  I'm not sure how to add their results to my tree... do I just go to the "Activate a test" orange button on my DNA Home Page and add their 15 digit number?

    • Liz Crane

      Yes, I would go to the activate a test link.  I think as you go through the process it'll ask if it's your DNA or a test you're managing for someone else, and you'll also get a chance to pick which person in your tree the results go with.  It's been ages since I did this so I don't remember the exact order or wording of the steps, but it was pretty straightforward the last time I did it.

    • Jeffrey Castel De Oro

      Very good, thank you so much!!