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    Ann Turner
    "Ancestry Insights"
    Question posted November 21, 2014 by Ann TurnerLevel 1, tagged AncestryDNA 
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    "Ancestry Insights"

    Some people (non-subscribers, I believe) are seeing offers for Ancestry Insights at $49 per year. How does this relate to the current subscriber / non-subscriber features? Are non-subscribers being downgraded? Or is this a way to get more from AncestryDNA without a full-fledged subscription?

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    • Jeff Zupan

      I'm not sure if you're aware that this forum is primarily user-to-user.  Occassionally a moderator will take a peek, but that's about it for Ancestry staff.

      Personally, I have not heard of this, but being a subscriber, I wouldn't. Customers are the last people to find out anything about what's going on around here.

      I notice "Insights" is being used in the URL address for the new DNA Circles page, so it's probably got something to do with that. They have offered $49 specials in the past, but only through some sort of coupon through "affiliates". The lowest price I've ever seen here on the Ancestry web site has been $79.

      Try the Ancestry Facebook page. That seems to be where all the useful information is published.

      Sorry for the cynicism.



    • Liz Crane

      From some things I saw on Facebook, I gather that this is going to be something that will allow people without paid subscriptions to view info about the trees of people in their circle.  Right now, in order to view anything in the trees of your circle members, you have to be a paid subscriber.  I'm sure they realize that not everyone wants to cough up a couple hundred bucks a year just to be able to see things about the trees in their circle if they're not planning to use other features of the site.  If you're already a paid subscriber this isn't relevant, it won't give you anything you don't already have (since as a paid subscriber you can already view people's trees)

    • Show/Hide RepliesAnonymousposted November 24, 2014
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      • Jeff Zupan

        Is this something that Ancestry is going to actually announce, or is it another thing we have to go to Facebook to find out about?

      • Robin

        All of which should be included in a free account and/or with purchase of the DNA kit to begin this. FTDNA does not make customers pay a subscription just to get full access to their matches. You pay the $99 for the test and that's it, full access. Just another reason AncestryDNA is inferior to FTDNA.