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    Ryan Davison
    World Explorer Plus membership
    Question posted December 6, 2013 by Ryan DavisonLevel 1, tagged Accounts / Billing 
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    World Explorer Plus membership
    What is the difference between the World Explorer and World Explorer Plus memberships?

    I am currently a World Explorer subscriber, but when I was updating my account info I noticed an option for the World Explorer Plus membership.  I've looked all over the site and can't find any mention of what the difference between these two memberships are, except cost. 

    Even the comparison chart leaves out the Plus membership option.  Does anyone know what the Plus membership has that the other options don't? 



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    • Liz Crane

      I believe the plus gives you Fold3 and access as well as Ancestry.

    • Michelle Murray

      Took me a while to find it (had to select the purchase option to get the details) but it includes access/membership to Fold3 and  Would be helpful if they added the Plus information in the compare list though!  Didn't click purchase since I currently have a subscription I paid for separately, but when it expires I'll probably upgrade.