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    1850 Census- Schuylkill Co Pa Display
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    1850 Census- Schuylkill Co Pa Display
    Page 34 display will not scroll

    In looking at the 1850 Census, schulykill Co. PA, I can't acces the top of the page where my focus person is. Page 34 of 42 has an index that lists the Frantz family but the page itself will not scroll. I have tried several days.



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    • Liz Crane

      Works fine for me, I can scroll and see the whole page.  Maybe you're looking in the wrong spot?  The Frantz family is not at the top, they're the 3rd last family from the bottom of the page.  If you still can't see them there, I'd try using another browser and see if that works better or follow the steps here to optimize your browser.

    • Barbara Needham

      You do know that you have to grab the census page and move it?. Also if you are in the interactive viewer, go to image tools and try switching to basic viewer; or if you are in the basic viewer try the interactive viewer...


      These are in addition to Liz's suggestions above which are excellent.