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    Carol Walker
    Seeking search tipsAnswered
    Question posted October 28, 2012 by Carol WalkerLevel 1, last edited October 31, 2012 by BrianGLevel 2 
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    Seeking search tips
    Need to get up and running fast

    I’m new to Ancestry and was hoping to get some tips on how best to search the site. It’s my mom’s birthday next month and I wanted to surprise her with our tree. I know that’s not a lot of time, but I’d like to get as far as I can.

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    Crista Cowan

    Great suggestion!  I would further add that once you've explored the Learning Center, you might also want to explore the YouTube channel.  There are some great search tips there that are more specific based on the type of records you are searching.

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    • Delanie's Mom


      I like to watch a video rather then read the instructions.  Ancestry's Learning Center has several videos that give pretty good information on searching (and navigating) the Ancestry site.  Try looking in the area that’s titled First Steps and the area titled Next Steps. I found some videos that are good for people who are new to the site. In fact, you might want to start with the “Getting Started with Search” video. It’s pretty basic, but a good place to start.

    • Carol Walker

      Thanks for the suggestion Crista. At first I couldn't find any videos to show me the best way to search, but then I put "ancestry search" in the Youtube search bar, and I found a few really helpful videos. Thanks for the tip!

    • Jeanie Croasmun

      Be sure you've signed up to receive the Update, our monthly newsletter -- December's issue will feature Ancestry Anne's 10 favorite search tips. To see if you're on the newsletter mailing list, hover over the arrow next to your username in the top right corner of this screen and choose Email Settings. If the box next to Ancestry Update is checked, you should receive the newsletter on December 3. If not, be sure to check the box. That will put you on our list.

      Also, when you visit our Learning Center, look for the green "Learn More" box. It takes you to our ever-growing collection of downloadable research guides providing step-by-step instructions for researching specific types of records on They're all relatively short so you can even print them out and put them next to your computer while researching.

      Good luck!